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Get to the root causes of anxiety depression and other psychiatric disorders

Dr. Andrew Wong, MD, Co-founder of Capital Integrative Health Interviews Dr. Hedaya about his HYLANE Therapy. “Today we are excited to offer you a conversation with Dr. Robert Hedaya, America’s leading Functional Medicine psychiatrist about how he approaches brain health and mental health in his clinic, to provide long-lasting change for his patients. This conversation […]

We Fix Broken Brains

What is a ‘broken brain’ and how do you know if your brain is broken? A broken brain is a brain that is not functioning properly.  Sometimes it is quite obvious that a brain is broken-for example when someone has Alzheimer’s Disease and cannot recall the most basic things, such as their children’s names. Much of […]

Joint pain from breast cancer drugs? Read this.

By Kat Osorio If you’re taking medications used to treat breast cancer, such as tamoxifen or anastrozole, you’re likely also experiencing side effects associated with these drugs, namely joint pain. Symptoms like this are all too common, but that doesn’t mean you have to suffer with no sight of relief. Here are a few ways […]

The DMV: D.C., Maryland, & Virginia

If you live in the Washington, D.C. area, you’ll know that it has a lot to offer when it comes to eating locally. Residents living in the more urban areas have the option of trekking out to the more rural areas of Maryland and Northern Virginia to visit farms, orchards, and wineries, while still having […]

Why eat local?

By Kat Osorio Now that we’ve entered the spring season, you might be wondering if it’s time to start adding some seasonal produce into your diet. The answer is yes! The best way to do it is by buying and eating locally-grown and produced food, which has a variety of benefits that include the following: […]

Stress and inflammation

By Kat Osorio When was the last time you or someone you know said, “I’m so stressed” or “I don’t know how to relax.” Probably not too long ago, because chronic stress is a given for many people in our modern society. It’s associated with increased inflammation in the body, which can then progress to […]

How spices can lower inflammation

By Kat Osorio When one thinks of anti-inflammatory spices, turmeric is usually the one that comes to mind. While there is plenty of research that supports turmeric’s anti-inflammatory mechanisms, this king of spices holds court with a multitude of royals that are also helpful for reducing inflammation in the body. If you experience health conditions […]

Formula for a nutritious meal

By Kat Osorio It can be overwhelming deciding what to eat. We receive countless messages from all different directions on a daily basis- messages telling us which foods are “super,” what diet you should follow if you want to live forever, and exactly how many grams of protein you should eat for a trim physique, […]