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Dear Dr. Hedaya - First, I want to let you know that in just a few short weeks, Margaret is feeling dramatically better. I don’t understand how this could be . . . But clearly what you have prescribed along with diet modifications, are starting to make a real difference. Margaret – the skeptic – said to me on Saturday that she hated to admit it, but she has much more energy during the day. She feels much happier and healthier. I also just got word from her teachers, and she currently has raised her grades – with not much extra effort – to almost all A’s. She is performing better on tests and her written work has really improved. Whatever is happening is really powerful. She has always been compliant at home, but admittedly grumpy and irritable. But I tell you what, she can be found joking around the house, hanging with the family, no teenage drama w/friends, and seems at ease. Happy. I just wanted you to know this: That you are making a difference. And I am so incredibly grateful. Margaret is now careful to check yeast content in foods and has almost deleted all chocolate and caffeine from her diet. We’ve actually all changed our eating habits to incorporate some of her requirements. You have made a difference to Margaret. You called her smart on our last visit. She was so proud and honored that you saw that in her. She talked about it on the way home. She believes in you and trusts you. She may have entered your office a bit unwilling– she is now taking ownership of her health and following your advice.


Dr. Hedaya, I was thinking about our conversation today, and when you asked me to what I attributed my improvement, I said that it was first critical that the medical piece was straightened out. I realized later that I have never thanked you or given you the credit you deserve for figuring out those medical pieces. I was in bad shape when I came to you and had been to my family doctor and a psychopharmacologist but I was getting worse. All they did was keep throwing different anti-depressants at me. Nobody took the time or perhaps had the knowledge to run the extensive tests to find out what was really going on medically to cause my depression. When I was first referred to you, a doctor hours away in another state, it felt like my worst fears were being confirmed and that I was probably beyond help. You were kind and understanding from the minute we met, and actually gave me hope that things would get better. Your staff at the time was excellent as well, and because I couldn't remember what was said five minutes ago let alone which test to do when, they were a tremendous help to me. I received quite an education about how my body works and I always appreciated being treated as an intelligent adult instead of patronizingly, as many doctors are inclined to do. As the tests came back you found the various medical issues that needed to be addressed, and slowly I started to come back to life. I started to think more clearly and string along enough decent days to return to school, a decision I knew would be difficult, but also important to my emotional well-being. As you know, it turned out to be great decision, and as I like to say, it woke my brain up. It is not hard for me to think back to what it was like for me five years ago, when I felt hopeless and the world appeared as if in a fog, but I try not to go there. My life now is so full and I am working to help others, which is truly important to me. I have come so far and could not have done so without your help, so I wanted to say thank you.

HL in Pennsylvania

Dear Dr. Hedaya, Mary and I know that she would not be here today if you had not accepted her for treatment in October 1998. As you know, we had been to Menninger’s, Mayo, and Johns Hopkins and, as far as I know, your "Whole Psychiatry" approach was "one of a kind" at that time. Since moving to Arizona, we are fortunate to have found Dr. Parrish, who admires your expertise and has worked with you to advance Mary's recovery. Our original Psychiatrist advised me that Mary, then 71 years of age, was afflicted with early stages of dementia that probably was not reversible. During our many months of searching for a cure this diagnosis was often suggested. If these doctors would see her at 75 years of age, I know they would be amazed. Mary now works with a trainer for an hour three days a week--weights and machines on Mondays and aerobics Wednesdays and Fridays. She has regained her self-confidence and looks and feels years younger than her age. We therefore believe in what you propose to do in your ability to provide years of "life worth living" to people who otherwise are facing living hell.

Dick and Mary

My new Primary Care Physician has received the results of the blood work you had prescribed, and he had drawn in early April. He wants to review the results with me, mainly due to HIGH CHOLESTEROL. But the blood work shows a new total of 288... down quite a bit from the 354 that was reported from my initial evaluation in February!! That's good news. The work we're doing is already starting to payoff.

Rich K.

I attribute the improvement in my mental and physical health to the changes that I have implemented as a result of medical and psychopharmacological advice provided by Dr. Hedaya. Although I have been treated for depression since 1993, it was only 7 months after seeing Dr. Hedaya for the first time in March 2000 that my depression started to go away and my physical health began to improve. I strongly believe that his treatment advice had a profound impact on my health.


I had lost my confidence in my abilities and my desire to be creative. I felt empty inside and isolated and incapable of most tasks. I continued working and socializing at a minimum which took all my energy to cover up my depression. I was exhausted every day and I didn't sleep well at night. After 15 months of treatment with Dr. Hedaya, I'm feeling more confident and creative than ever before the onset of depression which came on at age 50 with menopause, the sudden death of my father and my son's long term depression, I was sent to Dr. Hedaya by my psychologist whom I had been seeing for two years, weekly and wasn't improving. Dr. Hedaya treated my depression by ordering several blood and saliva analysis tests to determine if I was imbalance in my body chemistry. He prescribed a change in diet as well as an array of vitamin and mineral supplements, antidepressants and thyroid medications. It. was mostly trial and error for 15 months until the right combinations for me was found. It took a lot of patience and money on my part and faith in Dr. Hedaya that there would be a brighter day. He was always encouraging and eager to try something else. Now, I'm feeling terrific at age 54 and I'm looking forward to the present and future each day. It's wonderful to know that life can be good again. Thank you, Dr. Hedaya.


When I found Dr. Hedaya, I was deeply depressed, agitated and overmedicated - lifeless. With the help of artfully selected and carefully titrated medications, vitamins and mineral supplements, and exercise, my enthusiasm for life returned.

A very grateful patient

My life is much better than a year ago. Dr. Hedaya recognized that stress and trauma cause the body to change its chemistry. He has helped me deal with these changes with medication, diet, exercise and understanding. I am now able to plan parties, go on vacations and think more clearly. I now "want" to live.

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David C.

Dear Dr. Bob, I just came back from my asthma doctor. Passed the pulmonary function test with flying colors! It has been many years, since I have had 97% total breathing capacity. Also, the % capacity of my lungs not affected by the asthma has gone from 49% to 67%, which she says is EXCELLENT. This time instead of having to blow out 10 candles, I had to blow over 3 houses. First test, I did 2 ½. Of course, bull-headed me was going to finish the job, so I got the adrenalin going and down went the 3rd house. It almost took the wind out of me, but I survived. Of course, I was boasting about you & how you have changed the health of my life. She was smiling as I was speaking. She told me to send her regards, but that you might not remember her. It turns out that you two shared an office 20 years ago!

Larry R.

Dr. Hedaya has an extremely rare combination of skills--board-certified in neurology and psychiatry, as well as a very strong background in endocrinology. Our son was assessed by a variety of physicians at very prestigious institutions (and many private doctors) on the west coast but they were not able to figure out what was wrong with him. He was a very smart and social kid but grew lethargic, mentally foggy, and presented with a complex set of symptoms that no one could definitively pin down. By the end of high school, he was not able to sleep (severe insomnia) let alone attend school or socialize, which in turn triggered severe depression, anxiety and suicidal feelings. We had tried countless medications which often only made the symptoms worse. We flew from CA to DC to meet with Dr. Hedaya. His intake was at least 3 hours and at a level of detail that we had not experienced with anyone else. He really listened, and it was clear that he cared about my son's dire situation. The resulting report and diagnosis was over 20 pages long and included a very comprehensive treatment plan. Our son had severe thyroid issues, Lyme's and a host of other issues that were all contributing to his poor health. NO ONE had been able to figure this out. Fast forward about 7 months our son is now living at college, taking 3 classes, has friends, is involved in clubs and activities, and no longer talking about suicide. We still have some work to do to get him all the way back to his old self, but it's clear we've turned the corner and that we are on the right track. In response to a few of the negative comments, I would like to add my two cents here-- in terms of the cost, you do need to understand that it is indeed an expensive process. I happen to be a medical professional myself so perhaps I have some insight into why this is so. Insurance companies look at an office visit as a 5 -15-minute appt. Their reimbursement rates to their in-network and out-of-network physicians reflect this. There is no way a child with the complex history that mine had, that one could even scratch the surface with a few minutes for the intake, let alone the ongoing follow-up appointments. Secondly, there are many expensive tests that insurance companies won't pay for or are very cutting edge--typical doctors therefore don't know/use them, and that's why they miss so much. For us, there are indeed a lot of medications and supplements to coordinate, as has been mentioned. But it works, so you do what you need to do, in order to recover your health. So, you should expect that this will be an expensive and perhaps time-consuming process, yes, but I'm guessing that you wouldn't be considering going to Dr. Hedaya unless your family member had already gone to in-network/local doctors and not had the improvements you wanted. He is in a league above your usual doc, so you get what you pay for. Lastly, we've found Dr. Hedaya's bedside manner to be extremely supportive, caring, and thoughtful. He's a very nice guy. He's got a depth of knowledge and life experience that is extraordinary and well-worth the travel for us to see him. We consider ourselves extremely fortunate for having found him. He likely has saved our son's life. We highly recommend him and his clinic. (Very nice staff also!)

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Dr. Hedaya is an extraordinarily skilled practitioner, at a level I've never experienced with any other health professional. He combines an incredible range of empirical knowledge with the skill to connect his research and experience for practical application. Through a highly individualized treatment plan, his goal is to address the root causes of disease and remove barriers to the body healing itself. After nine months beginning last year, my health trajectory is on the way up. And my recovery in cognitive function and mood is remarkable. I think of my newfound ability to recall names and other details as my "new superpower." I realize that Dr. Hedaya and his methodology are not for everyone. It takes as a serious commitment of time and money. Because he's on the cutting edge of applied medical science, little is covered by insurance. For me, it also was a hike from my home in Virginia to his office in Maryland for testing and treatments. To effectively follow his advice and protocols, you have to commit to it as a second job. But what price is your cognitive ability, emotional health, and longevity? Seeing him was a unique bargain. I first saw Dr. Hedaya in 2010 when I was recovering from extensive cervical fusion surgery and a dangerous staph infection in my neck. I was both physically and mentally exhausted and in a great deal of pain. His testing revealed some surprising health impairments never caught be other doctors, such as extremely high levels of mercury, neurochemical imbalances, adrenal insufficiency, and genetic mutations that affect my metabolism and mental health. Through treatments based on those results, we jump-started my self-healing, and I made major progress. I came back to see Dr. Hedaya in 2019 at age 64, because I realized I was not performing at my best. I was astounded by the new diagnostic and treatment tools that had become available in just a few years. With qEEG, he was able to literally image the function of each region of my brain. Early vascular cognitive impairment was one of the most sobering findings. But Dr. H gave me hope we could reverse it. In addition to supplements and probiotics, he devised a powerful multi-level treatment plan that included high intensity interval training and innovative uses of medical technology. The results after six months were dramatic. The follow up qEEG indicated amazing improvements in brain function. Qualitatively, I experienced major gains in memory and mood, hence my new "superpower." An added benefit for me, as man of faith, was our ability to talk about the spiritual dimension of my health. That is literally priceless.

John L

I have never written an online review before, but I am doing so now so others who face extreme health challenges know there is hope and can find their way to wellness. Dr. Hedaya saved my son's life. Literally. My son's story is long, but in a nutshell, his problems began in high school with dark moods, anger, poor grades, and drugs. His anger and personality changes were so extreme that I knew something was very wrong. He eventually lost the ability to connect thoughts, to focus and to engage with the world. We visited countless doctors all over the country, but none could figure out what was wrong. Finally, after about a year of searching for answers, I came across a video of Dr. Hedaya addressing the medical community, providing examples of how he treated certain very complex patients. I made an appointment immediately and the rest is history. Our first appointment was about 6 hours long, and Dr. Hedaya left absolutely no stone unturned. Not only did he eventually diagnose my son, but he also treated him. My son is now almost 100% (he is still undergoing some final treatments). He is applying to colleges and his future is bright. Dr. Hedaya is the kind of physician we all wish to have when we are ill. Not only is he an amazing clinician, but he also "sees" you. My son was not just a patient, my son was an individual that desperately needed his help. Both my son and I could feel that Dr. Hedaya really cared and wanted him to heal. Dr. Hedaya inspires confidence and provides hope. He is so many things, the combination of which makes him such a brilliant physician - curiosity, compassion, knowledge, humbleness and humor, coupled with the drive and desire to find answers. I have referred two family members to him, and Dr. Hedaya was also able to diagnose and treat them with success. I am so thankful we had the great fortune to find Dr. Hedaya. Without him, my son's future would have been very bleak indeed.


Dr. Hedaya has changed my life. I came to him after approximately 18 months of seeking out renowned doctors all over the country and consistently being misdiagnosed. Dr. Hedaya was the most thorough in his initial evaluation of any doctor I've ever seen. Moving forward, he pursued a more comprehensive and multidisciplinary approach to testing and diagnosis than any doctor I've ever been to. His findings took into account my lab results juxtaposed against my genetics, offering me a clear analysis of chronic vs. acute issues as well as their relationship. After 7 months of a highly customized treatment plan, I am close to reclaiming my life after almost 2.5 years of chronic neurological and immunological dysfunction. What escaped so many doctors before him, was so clear to Dr. Hedaya. I am forever indebted to his approach to practicing intelligent medicine as well as his high-touch approach to managing my care.

New Patient

Physician Feedback on Dr. Hedaya’s presentation at the Institute for Functional Medicine's National Conference

  • Excellent, fascinating. I would have liked some more banal cases as I normally refer out psychosis, but I appreciated learning about the more complex cases too. Need a few more hours!
  • Dr. Hedaya is an icon. I appreciate how medicine has evolved for him and his case examples are a fantastic way for the novice practitioner to begin.
  • Loved his presentation style; not too many slides; very interesting material!
  • Lots of good information; I would enjoy a more animated presentation
  • I so appreciate his breadth of knowledge. The case studies brought the material alive. I like that he didn’t just read from the slides, but rather added to them with clinically relevant comments.
  • Very interested in the functional treatment of psychiatric illness I was previously not aware of treatment options
  • Great information, enthusiastically communicated.
  • Excellent presentations