Dr. Hedaya is an extraordinarily skilled practitioner, at a level I’ve never experienced with any other health professional. He combines an incredible range of empirical knowledge with the skill to connect his research and experience. Through a highly individualized treatment plan, his goal is to address the root causes of disease and remove barriers to the body healing itself. After nine months beginning last year, my health trajectory is on the way up. And my recovery in cognitive function and mood is remarkable. I think of my newfound ability to recall names and other details as my “new superpower.”

Dr. Hedaya and his methodology are not for everyone. It takes as a serious commitment of time and money. To effectively follow his advice and protocols, you have to commit to it as a second job. But what price is your cognitive ability, emotional health, and longevity? Seeing him was a unique bargain. I first saw Dr. Hedaya in 2010 when I was recovering from extensive cervical fusion surgery and a dangerous staph infection in my neck. I was both physically and mentally exhausted and in a great deal of pain. His testing revealed some surprising health impairments never caught by other doctors. Through treatments based on those results, we jump-started my self-healing, and I made major progress. I came back to see Dr. Hedaya in 2019 at age 64 because I realized I was not performing at my best. I was astounded by the new diagnostic and treatment tools that had become available in just a few years. With qEEG, he was able to literally image the function of each region of my brain. Early vascular cognitive issues were one of the most sobering findings. But Dr. H gave me hope we could reverse it.

In addition to supplements and probiotics, he devised a powerful three-level treatment plan that included high-intensity interval training and innovative applications of medical technology. The follow-up qEEG indicated amazing improvements in brain function. Qualitatively, I experienced major gains in memory and mood, hence my new “superpower.” An added benefit for me, a man of faith, was our ability to talk about the spiritual dimension of my health. That is literally priceless.

John Lawson

We have searched for over a decade, across the US, trying naturopathy, pulmonologists, ear-nose-throat specialists, endocrinologists, acupuncture, specialty diets, CPAP, etc., trying to cure my husband’s insomnia.

Dr. Hedaya, through his thorough investigation including multiple tests and scouring historical test results, was able to determine the insomnia was not the ailment; it was a symptom of several other underlying conditions including SIBO and mercury toxicity, which no other medical professional had tested for.

Dr. Hedaya’s comprehensive approach was truly a live-saver as my husband has been under his care for only one year and has regained his vitality. Our adult daughter recently claimed that she feels like she’s meeting her Dad for the first time!

With Dr. Hedaya’s guidance, we have been able to watch my husband “come alive” again and find enjoyment in life from regaining his sleep/wake cycle. Dr. Hedaya’s program takes commitment, discipline, support from family members and yes, a financial commitment.

We’ve spent more money looking for the cure with no results in the last decade than we have on Dr. Hedaya’s program so we feel that it was money well spent. Dr. Hedaya’s understanding, compassion, attentiveness, and communication are characteristics that are difficult, if not impossible, to find in a provider. We’re thankful for his cutting edge approach to holistic medicine!

Jo V.

I had the pleasure and privilege to see Dr. Hedaya in action. It is amazing to see Dr. Hedaya’s approach. He is not your typical psychiatrist. The medical practice is called: Whole Psychiatry for a reason. Dr. Hedaya utilizes a comprehensive understanding of his patients. He uses an investigational approach to see if any given illness is the result of environmental and/or nutritional factors.

His state of the art instrumentation and his deep knowledge of mental illness support great results. Besides all of this, Dr. Hedaya is so easy to talk to and personable. I felt so supported and understood. Dr. Hedaya is the kind of physician that truly love to help people with the main goal to improve everybody who comes to his office.

U. Schwartz

I started seeing Dr. Hedaya about 9 months ago. I feel like I have my brain back. I was experiencing a mild cognitive decline (MCD) 4 years ago and went through the traditional methods of diagnosis and they told me nothing was wrong with me.

My first visit with Dr. Hedaya was about 5 hours long, and by the end of the meeting, I had hope that not only could I stop the MCD, but I could reverse it.

Since then I have regained mental capacity that I did not even realize I had lost. It is unfortunate that health insurance does not cover preventative medicine (at least mine doesn’t), but if you compare money in the bank with a working brain, I would choose the working brain.

“I started seeing Dr. Hedaya about 9 months ago. I feel like I have my brain back. I was experiencing a mild cognitive decline (MCD) 4 years ago and went through the traditional methods of diagnosis and they told me nothing was wrong with me. My first visit with Dr. Hedaya was about 5 hours long, and by the end of the meeting I had hope that not only could I stop the MCD, but I could reverse it. Since then I have regained mental capacity that I did not even realize I had lost. It is unfortunate that health insurance does not cover preventative medicine (at least mine doesn’t), but if you compare money in the bank with a working brain, I would choose the working brain.”

Pascal M.

Dr. Hedaya has been extremely helpful to me. I was sick for a year and a half and did not know what I had. His thorough testing discovered that I had Lyme disease and Babesia, another tick borne illness. He also found that I had low thyroid. He never gives up ok finding a solution to one’s health problems. I would highly recommend Dr. Hedaya.”

Karen G. Henrico, VA

Dr. Hedaya has been my psychiatrist and psych-endocrinologist for a long time. I grew up very smart, but with psych “issues.” From my teens until my late 30s, recurrent crises sent me to a number of therapists and psychiatrists, including ones associated with two well-known teaching hospitals. They were treating me for depression and other issues. Going back to therapy at my wife’s urging at age 38, the new MSW therapist immediately referred me to Hedaya. After a battery of tests, some standard and insurance-covered and others neither, he diagnosed me as bipolar, ADD, and other lesser conditions. No other doc had come up with this, and they were prescribing antidepressants that not only don’t work for bipolar but usually make it worse.

He explained to me the problematic biochemical processes that I was experiencing, their probable causes and their mental health consequences. He is more of a teacher than a talk therapist, which for me was extremely helpful. I already had a less expensive MSW therapist to talk to.

He has always had me on a lot of pills and supplements, for the psych conditions and to deal with the damage that already occurred to my thyroid, adrenals, and pancreas. And other supplements that would promote good enough cell function to enable them to absorb the main meds. The number of pills is very hard to deal with, and freaks out other mainstream docs, like my cardiologist and my gastro-enterologist.

Under Dr. Hedaya’s care, I became a very successful leader in my profession, won big grants, wrote books, became a successful administrator. My teenage bride and I have been married for almost 50 years, and we have three successful middle-aged children. Without him, I don’t think I would have lived that long, let alone had the success that I did.

Now retired thirty years later, I had accumulated so many docs doing their own thing, and so many medical issues (heart, brain injury, arthritis, etc) that I felt I needed to get it all checked out by the Mayo Clinic in Minnesota. The essence of their evaluation: my cardiologist came close to killing me, my orthopedist was making really bad recommendations, my gastroenterologist and my neurologist were doing the right things, and my psychiatrist was god’s gift to medicine. The psychiatrists at Mayo were extremely impressed about whatever it was they saw in those many years worth of medical records.

So, like anyone reading this who is considering Dr Hedaya, I have to weigh two factors.

One, there is the cost and incredible hassle of the mismatch between Dr Hedaya’s functional med approach and the insurance companies’ standardized cost-saving (to them) rules enforced by low-level, underpaid and overworked administrators. Dr Hedaya, I think, hates the whole system and has as little to do with it as possible, which costs his patients (or more likely, their care-taking family members) time, trouble and money.

Two, there is just nobody else out there who can do as well at treating people with complex mental health problems involving more than one diagnosis, or deal as well with illnesses that are not yet well-enough understood to create a “standard of care” that any good doc can follow.

He’s expensive, but if you need him, TINA (There Is No Alternative).

Ken K Dewes MD

I have been a patient of dr. hedaya for over 4 years now. I have read the other reviews and the difficulty people say they have had with him and his practice. I can’t speak to those experiences, I can only share mine. Yes, he is expensive, only some of my insurance covers just a tiny bit of it. Yes, it is unfair that healthcare is so expensive, that the holistic docs don’t take insurance, etc etc.

I was told when I first made that call to Dr. Hedaya about the costs.  We went in accepting this. A few things we opted out of, but most we did. Because I do have insurance, he sent me to quest for lab tests that would be covered. The special ones he did in the office. He is always sensitive to our budget and what can be done with insurance coverage. He never pushes us to get expensive tests. He always explains why he thinks they would help. But it is me that is in control of my health, and he respects that. He knows that I show up as this being a team effort, and we work together to find the best solutions for my ongoing problems. I’m clear that without him I would not be as healthy as I am today from 4 years ago.

His bedside manner is fabulous. He is kind, gentle, incredibly smart. he takes the time to explain what i need to understand what is going on in my body. he cares. he will send me an email sometimes saying ‘i just read in a journal that new studies show blank is helping blank, do you want to try it’. I mean, how often do you get a note from your doc like that? He knows so very much, yet he is very humble. He will take solutions as far as he can and he’s not afraid to say ‘we have passed my area of expertise, please go see a blank doc to help us move further.’

He is an amazing diagnostician. He will look at lab results that another doc would say is perfect because all numbers are in the ‘normal’ range. But Dr. Hedaya will put them together in ways that say to him, even though these are in ‘normal’ range, further testing is needed in this direction cause he is overly cautious and does not want to miss anything. This habit of his has caught many helpful things in me that lead to better treatment and feeling better.

Going to Dr. Hedaya is usually a choice people make as their last hope… illness has gotten so bad. And if it has gotten so bad over so long, then it will take just as long to get better. That is one of the hardest things for me cause I just want to be free of illness, but he is always in my corner showing me the numbers and that I am getting better. I do not feel alone. People don’t realize that you have to walk thru hell to get to the other side, as with many things in life. So yeah, the first year and a half was hell, but not cause of Hedaya, cause of my body detoxing and starting the healing. I never once doubted leaving him.

I could go on and on about how happy I am that I found him in a very desperate time in my life. How grateful I am for his knowledge and caring. How much I appreciate his support and out of the box thinking. How good I feel about him trusting me, and that my instinct about a certain healing direction is of value in making a choice to him. How he has come to understand my thought process and my body functioning. How he knows that I may need extra explaining on a topic, and that my body is super sensitive and he treats it accordingly. How I appreciate how available he is with the 2pm call in time, the emails and emergency calls at times. I could go on and on!

thanks doc :). and thanks to his awesome office team!

R T. Burke, VA

“Dr. Hedaya is the best doctor I have ever seen. Yes, there are tons of labs and tests in the first appointment, and they are expensive, but they are very upfront about the costs beforehand. He spent an entire day with me, conducting a thorough health history, a number of tests and trying to get a clear picture of my life overall. I found him to be highly intelligent and intuitive. He insisted upon some universally accepted lifestyle changes (sleep more, eat better, exercise regularly, cut out caffeine and alcohol, etc.) and ultimately recommended some solutions that were cheaper than continuing to see him on a monthly basis. It has been a couple of years since my last visit with him and I still refer back to his advice and the results of some of the lab tests.”

Kate P. Washington, DC