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Your problems are complex. Our evaluation is complex.

  • Personalized step-by-step action plan that gets you better than you’ve been in years
  • 3.5 – 5.5 hour intake assessment with Dr. Hedaya
  • Personalized and thorough testing
  • On average, over 6,000 data points assessed
  • Analysis of brain networks and connectivity
  • Cross-referencing of genetic vulnerabilities with the above data
  • Our Brain Recovery Program

    · Reduces cognitive load by comprehensively optimizing your bodily health
    · Enhances your brain function both globally, and in specific neuronal networks

    We achieve with two broad steps:

    1. Optimizing your body’s ‘terrain’ (all metabolic systems listed below)
    2. Enhancing your brain function

    Optimizing the Terrain via Assessment
    and Optimization of:

    1. Genetics – e.g., resiliency genes (e.g.NR3C1/FKBP5), Brain T3 (DI02) genes
    2. Neurotransmission
    3. Precise Personalized Nutrition
    4. Immune system
    5. Gut-brain axis
    6. Mitochondrial function
    7. Endocrine function
    8. Methylation
    9. Toxin management

    Optimizing the Brain
    via Our Proprietary FX- HYLANE Program™:

    1. Optimizing neuronal connectivity between neuronal hubs and networks
    2. Increasing brain ATP (energy) production in desired areas
    3. Healing traumatized injured brain areas
    4. Increase neuronal amplitude in various areas
    5. Training various brain networks for optimal performance

    Whole Psychiatry & 

    Brain Recovery Successes

    These are before and after treatment images of a 65-year-old professional with a strong family history of dementia. He was experiencing loss of concentration, reduced ability to read more than short articles, reduced memory, and was making careless errors at work.



    A robust medical workup using the latest scientific research & practices.

    A four-hour initial intake process with Dr. Hedaya.

    Clear data-driven answers to your questions..

    Timely responses to your communications.

    Remote Diagnostic and Treatment Services

    A caring support staff.

    The convenience of an in-office or in-home phlebotomist.

    On-time appointments.

    Brain Recovery Program

    Brain Trainings at Home

    Telemedicine Services

    Dr. Hedaya

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    🦠 COVID-19 🦠

    Dr’s List Of Covid Symptoms & Prevention Tools

    Dr. Robert Hedaya reviews who is at risk (why and what to do about it), symptom clusters, the status and risks of testing, prevention, actions to take if you become ill, and how the future looks. Dr. Hedaya discusses the social and spiritual dimensions of the Corona Crisis, and takes 35 questions from the audience.
    The Whole Psychiatry & Brain Recovery Center gets to the bottom of your medical problems. We do not give up until we solve your problems using traditional medicine, functional medicine, and some of the most advanced brain recovery techniques in the country, if not the world. This is why patients come to us from around the world.

    Dr. Hedaya And Son Discuss Covid 19.

    Dr. Robert Hedaya and his son, Joshua Hedaya speak about having COVID-19, treating a family member, and the psychological effects of COVID-19.

    Corona Virus – A Physician’s Perspective

    My patients ask, “What should I do to prepare for the Corona Virus?” This is what I’ve shared with them, and now with you… To My Patients, The first issue is, how dangerous is this virus?

    "Again, your attention to her needs is greatly appreciated. We were lucky to find you. It is astonishing that she saw so many providers, and not a single person was able to pull everything together the way you have. She has been told so many times that there is nothing wrong (labs are normal, you should have no trouble running now, it’s characterological, etc.), so even if you had not devised a treatment plan, just having validation of her pain and difficulty has been therapeutic. You really are a medical detective!"

    Author Image

    'We really appreciate the nuanced way that you approach everything. Also, you provide a wonderful clinic for patient interaction every time we interact.'

    Author Image
    Home Patient Patient

    "Someday I would love to share with you my experience with psychiatry while I was on active duty. It was a stunning education for me, and based on that experience I vowed that if I ever had a loved one who needed psychiatric assistance, I would never, ever trust them to that system. You have restored my faith in psychiatry, and that feels like a great relief."

    Author Image
    Home Patient Patient

    "After reading your philosophy and approach to treating your patients, you are exactly what I’ve been looking for in a long time."

    Author Image
    Home Patient Patient

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