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Your problems are complex. Our evaluation is complex.

  • Personalized step-by-step action plan that gets you better than you’ve been in years
  • 3.5 – 5.5 hour intake assessment with Dr. Hedaya
  • Personalized and thorough testing
  • On average, over 6,000 data points assessed
  • Analysis of brain networks and connectivity
  • Cross-referencing of genetic vulnerabilities with the above data

Brain Training Program

• Reduces cognitive load by comprehensively optimizing your bodily health
• Enhances your brain function both globally, and in specific neuronal networks

A robust medical workup using the latest scientific research & practices.

A four-hour initial intake process with Dr. Hedaya.

Clear data-driven answers to your questions..

Timely responses to your communications.

Remote Diagnostic and Treatment Services

A caring support staff.

The convenience of an in-office or in-home phlebotomist.

On-time appointments.

Whole Psychiatry & 

Brain Recovery Successes

These are before and after treatment images of a 65-year-old professional with a strong family history of dementia. He was experiencing loss of concentration, reduced ability to read more than short articles, reduced memory, and was making careless errors at work.



Brain Recovery Program

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Telemedicine Services

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What Patients Say

We have searched for over a decade, across the US, trying naturopathy, pulmonologists, ear-nose-throat specialists, endocrinologists, acupuncture, specialty diets, CPAP, etc., trying to cure my husband’s insomnia. Dr. Hedaya, through his thorough investigation including multiple tests and scouring historical test results, was able to determine the insomnia …

Dear Dr. Hedaya – First, I want to let you know that in just a few short weeks, Margaret is feeling dramatically better. I don’t understand how this could be . . . But clearly what you have prescribed along with diet modifications, are starting to make a real difference. Margaret – the skeptic – said to me on Saturday that she hated to admit it, but she has much more energy during …

"Again, your attention to her needs is greatly appreciated. We were lucky to find you. It is astonishing that she saw so many providers, and not a single person was able to pull everything together the way you have. She has been told so many times that there is nothing wrong (labs are normal, you should have no trouble running now, it’s characterological, etc.), so even if you had not devised a treatment plan, just having validation of her pain and difficulty has been therapeutic. You really are a medical detective!"

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"Someday I would love to share with you my experience with psychiatry while I was on active duty. It was a stunning education for me, and based on that experience I vowed that if I ever had a loved one who needed psychiatric assistance, I would never, ever trust them to that system. You have restored my faith in psychiatry, and that feels like a great relief."

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Home Patient Patient

"After reading your philosophy and approach to treating your patients, you are exactly what I’ve been looking for in a long time."

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Home Patient Patient

“I am a physician and recently had the privilege of seeing Dr. Hedaya for a complex medical problem that had been worked up and treated by my doctors without producing much change in my symptoms or sense of wellbeing. I was impressed with the amount of time Dr. Hedaya spent with me but more importantly how thorough, skilled and genuinely concerned he was. His workup and subsequent follow-up produced a much more coherent formulation of the problem I was contending with and now four months out from our initial encounter I am feeling much better and have both renewed hope and the information I need to make decisions about my life and work. I am very grateful for the hard work and diligence that I know to be necessary to produce a physician of his integrity and skill level.”