A comprehensive “Whole Psychiatry” approach can scientifically:

Improve rates of full remission • Reduce or eliminate medication • Reduce side effects of medications

Our mission is to restore you to maximal health by identifying the root causes of your illness. Using the latest technologies in a highly personalized and thorough approach to your treatment. Dr. Hedaya devotes himself fully to every patient in his care.

Dr. Hedaya Gives Grand Rounds
at Cleveland Clinic

Recent literature proves that depression is a multifactorial syndrome, co-morbid with many chronic illnesses, by virtue of shared biological mechanisms. This knowledge offers advanced treatment approaches beyond those emanating from the current psycho-social and neurotransmitter models of depression…

A robust medical workup using the latest scientific research & practices.

A four-hour initial intake process with Dr. Hedaya.

Clear data-driven answers to your questions..

Timely responses to your communications.

A Functional Medicine coach.

A caring support staff.

The convenience of an in-office or in-home phlebotomist.

On-time appointments.

Results from Physicians & Patients

“This course, it has been extremely helpful and a rare opportunity for learning.”

David Leavitt, M.D., A.B.I.H.M.

‘We really appreciate the nuanced way that you approach everything. Also, you provide a wonderful clinic for patient interaction every time we interact.’