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If you are like many of the patients we’ve successfully treated, you may relate to why they came to see us…

You’ve seen many doctors, tried all kinds of medications, and still don’t feel better. You’re not performing at your best. Your energy has declined. You lack mental clarity/focus. You recognize things are going quite right in your life. You may have a more complicated medical situation than your doctor seems to be able to deal with. You’re at the end of your rope. You cycle in and out of depression. You have trouble in relationships. You want to finally understand what is wrong, get the right treatment, and enjoy your life.


You have found the right practice. 

We are the best most advanced neuro-psychiatric practice in the country. We will help restore you to health.

Patients get their energy back, their thinking capacity back, and their lives back.  They feel well and can function well in their lives.  We use the best most advanced assessment and treatment tools to provide what some patients have called ‘miraculous’ results.   



We assess and sequentially treat both the terrain and the brain.

Terrain: The functional medicine systems–digestion, nutrition, immune/inflammatory/infectious, detoxification & biotransformation, oxidative stress/mitochondrial function, endocrine function, genetic, epigenetic, lifestyle and psychosocial factors.

Brain: We have developed an advanced approach which determines what is malfunctioning inside your brain (at the level of specific nerve tracts, networks, as well as the surface of the brain), and, most importantly, what to do about it. Using processes and algorithms he has developed, we analyze the quantitative electro-encephalogram (qEEG), identifying all dysfunctional nerve tracts and a targeted treatment plan which normalizes the specific dysfunctional neuronal pathways within your brain. We then make a targeted and highly personalized plan for normalization of those tracts, networks and surface areas. As a result, untreatable and intractable problems which have existed for years can dissolve.

Using this groundbreaking methodology, we can effectuate unprecedented recovery. With the development of this methodology, Dr. Hedaya, the pioneer in Functional Medicine Neuro-Psychiatry, has made a quantum leap forward in healing the brain.  We layer these new technologies on the best that functional medicine and neuropsychiatry offer. 


Who succeeds with our program*?


The Best:  You want the best medical care available.

Performance:  Good health is essential for you. You are goal-driven and want to enjoy life fully. Having energy and performing well mentally is a necessity.

Wellness:  Your health care decisions are not driven by finances. Wellness is your first priority.

Resources:  You have the resources—time, support, and finances to engage in an intense, data driven, life-altering program.

Organized:  You organize yourself to effectively implement your treatment plan.

Follow-thru:  You finish what you start, even when you start feeling better. You follow directions.


What You Can Expect as a Patient


           Meeting: You’ll meet with the doctor for 3 hours for your initial evaluation. At that time, the doctor will determine what further data and testing is needed. You will be given the necessary test kits and/or lab slips to get testing done.

           Testing: You will do most of your testing within the 2-weeks following the initial evaluation. The results will come in over a four to six-week time frame.

           Communication: Your doctor and the support team will stay in communication with you during your test taking process, to answer any questions you may have.

           Plan: Once your lab results are in, your doctor will spend four to six hours integrating the data collected from the initial consultation, your medical records, and the testing. You will receive a detailed personalized treatment plan, which sequentially treats the dysfunctions identified.

           Action: Using the treatment plan, you will begin the implementation phase of treatment, during which you will be in direct contact with your doctor for your medical care.


Our Agreement with You

  1. Your doctor is directly involved with your medical care throughout the process.
  2. You are not working with a nurse practitioner or physician’s assistant.
  3. Your doctor is highly accessible and devoted to your wellbeing.
  4. Our staff assists you through your healing process. 
  5. We answer questions, provide information, materials and time you need to get well. 
  6. We understand your challenges and symptoms, and the long journey you’ve been on to find the unique solution to your health issues. 
  7. Our entire team is focused on you and your brain recovery.
  8.  We will not give up until we find the root causes and solutions to your problems, helping you achieve wellness.


To Become a Patient

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  • You will receive an email reply within 24 business hours
*Who this program isn’t suitable for:

Your health insurance determines your choice of doctor.
You want a quick fix, such as a drug, to solve your brain issues.
You tend to modify or ignore your doctor’s advice.

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