We now offer Telemedicine Visits

If you are like many of the patients we’ve successfully treated, you may relate to why they came to see us:

You’ve been to many doctors, tried all kinds of medications, and still don’t feel better. You’re not performing at your best. Your energy has declined. You lack mental clarity/focus. You recognize things are going quite right in your life. You may have a more complicated medical situation than your doctor seems to be able to deal with. You’re at the end of your rope. You cycle in and out of depression. You have trouble in relationships. You want to finally understand what is wrong, get the right treatment, and enjoy your life.

You are in the right place. We can help you on your path to an enjoyable healthy life.
Since our patients appreciate the educational component of their treatment,  we share the following with you so that you can make an informed decision about becoming a patient. If you have questions, please do put them in the new patient form. We respond quickly.

In this Two-Part Brain Recovery Program, Dr. Hedaya assesses and sequentially treats both the terrain and the brain:

  1. Terrain: The functional medicine systems–digestion, nutrition, immune/inflammatory/infectious, detoxification & biotransformation, oxidative stress/mitochondrial function, endocrine function, genetic, epigenetic, lifestyle and psychosocial factors.
  2. Brain: Dr Hedaya has developed an advanced approach which determines what is malfunctioning inside your brain (at the level of specific nerve tracts, networks, as well as the surface of the brain), and, most importantly, what to do about it. Using processes and algorithms he has developed, Dr. Hedaya analyzes the quantitative electro-encephalogram (qEEG), identifying all dysfunctional nerve tracts and a targeted treatment plan which normalizes the specific dysfunctional neuronal pathways within your brain. He then makes a targeted and highly personalized plan for normalization of those tracts, networks and surface areas. As a result, untreatable and intractable problems which have existed for years can dissolve.
Using this groundbreaking methodology, Dr. Hedaya can effectuate unprecedented recovery. With the development of this methodology, Dr Hedaya, the pioneer in Functional Medicine Neuro-Psychiatry, has now made a quantum leap forward in healing the brain.  Of course, he layers these new technologies on the best that functional medicine and neuropsychiatry offer.

Because of the time and resources devoted to each patient, the maximum capacity of the Brain Training & Recovery Program is 18 new patients per year.

The Initial Process

  1. Start by completing the New Patient form here (link here). We’ll be in touch within 24 business hours to schedule a brief phone consultation.
  2. To determine if you will benefit from the program, you will have a brief phone consultation with Dr. Morris.
  3. If both Dr. Hedaya and you conclude that you will benefit from the program, you will be accepted as a patient in the program. You must complete your initial paperwork (we will email it to you) along with 50% of the program fee within 48 hours to secure your entry into the program.

Who Does Well with This Program:

  • You are searching for the best medical care.
  • Performance: Good health is essential for you. You are goal-driven and want to enjoy life fully. Having energy and performing well mentally is a necessity.
  • Wellness: Your health care decisions are driven by a desire to be well, not by finances. Wellness is your first priority.
  • Commitment: You’re committed to restoring your wellbeing by any means necessary, and are willing to change dietary and lifestyle habits.
  • Resources: You have the resources–time, people-support, finances-to engage in an intense, data driven, and life altering program.
  • Organization: You can organize yourself, or you have others who can organize the implementation of your treatment plan for you.
  • Follow-thru: You finish what you start, even when you start feeling better. You follow directions.

Who Does Not Do Well with This Program:

  • You need to rely on your health insurance for your choice of doctor.
  • You expect a quick fix, such as a drug, to solve your brain issues and do not want to or cannot invest much time and effort in your recovery.
  • You drop out of the program after a few weeks because you’re ambivalent or it takes too much time to start feeling better.
  • You are afraid to try new things.
  • You do not follow directions well and tend to take your doctor’s advice and then modify it or ignore it.


We achieve exceptional results because of our extremely comprehensive diagnostic and treatment protocols. This approach requires a large commitment of resources: time, finances and the practical support of loved ones. The majority of the program is not covered by insurance. If you are limited in terms of any of these resources, the program will be unworkable for you.

The Brain Training & Recovery Plan

  1. Meet: You’ll meet with Dr. Hedaya for 3.5 to 5.5 hours for your initial evaluation. At that time, he will determine what further data and testing is needed. You will be given the necessary test kits and/or lab slips to get testing done.
  2. Test: You will do most of your testing within the 2-weeks following the initial evaluation. The results will come in over a four to six-week time frame.
  3. Communicate: Dr. Hedaya and his team will stay in communication with you during your test taking process, to answer any questions you may have.
  4. Plan: Once your lab results are in, Dr. Hedaya will spend four to six hours integrating the data collected from the initial consultation, your medical records, and the testing. He will create a detailed personalized treatment plan, which sequentially treats the dysfunctions identified.
  5. Action: Using the treatment plan, you will begin the implementation phase of treatment, during which you will be in direct contact with Dr. Hedaya for your medical care, and his support staff for all ancillary support.

Our Agreement with You

  1. Dr. Hedaya is directly involved with your medical care throughout the process. You are not working with another physician, a nurse practitioner or physician’s assistant. He is highly accessible and devoted to your wellbeing.
  2. Our psychological and administrative support staff assists you through your healing process. We answer questions, provide information, materials and time you need to get well. We understand your challenges and symptoms, and the long journey you’ve been on to find the unique solution to your health issues. Our entire team is focused on you & your brain recovery.
  3. You have a relationship with a doctor and staff who see you as a whole person, not as a psychiatric patient who needs specific drugs. A psychopharmacologist himself, Dr. Hedaya is adept at the use of medications. However, he believes in “Better Health, Less Medicine.” He will not give up until he finds the root causes and solutions to your problems, helping you achieve wellness.

Become a Patient