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Educational Consultation for You & Your Psychiatrist…with Dr. Hedaya

We offer the option of an Educational Consultation for you, or the patient, with your treating psychiatrist. Do you want to continue to work with your psychiatrist but want to have a Whole Psychiatry Functional Medicine perspective and approach your psychiatrist can carry out? Dr. Hedaya will provide education regarding the likely root causes of the problem(s) and approaches to theproblems that are most likely to be beneficial. Dr. Hedaya will spend 5 hours working with you, a family member, and your treating psychiatrist. Included in those five hours are:  
  • One-hour Pre-meeting review
  • Complete a pre-meeting review of your history, medical records, pre-meeting screening forms and other testing
  • Three-hour meeting in person and/or via Zoom includes
  • Review of target symptoms and assessment of neuro-psychiatric diagnosis with identification of likely root causes via functional medicine — digestion, nutrition, inflammation/infection, environmental toxicity, oxidative stress and mitochondrial function, hormones, genetics, epigenetics, metabolic factors, structural factors, stresses, modifiable lifestyle factors
  •  Review of past psychiatric history, family history, and medical history.
  •  Education re: the linkage between the identified root causes and symptoms
  •  Discussion of treatments available
  • One hour synthesis and report writing
  • Write up a summary and recommendations.
  • Answer follow-up questions via email by the treating psychiatrist, regarding the educational consultation.
  • Testing included: neuropsychiatric battery test.
Your Educational Report
Dr. Hedaya will provide education and a report regarding the likely root causes of the problem(s) and approaches to the problems that are most likely to be beneficial. Specific lab tests to consider with CPT/ICD-10 codes.
Educational Consultation All-inclusive fee: $5,000
Optional add on: Prior to the zoom meeting you will do an in-home quantitative EEG (qEEG) which provides detailed information on:
  • Degree of function of all brain networks
  • 48 areas of cortical function
  • Cerebellar function
  • Communication patterns within networks between cortical areas
The qEEG is a well-established tool that can be used to plan specific in-brain treatments, as well as identify seizures, metabolic and toxic patterns, head injury, etc. The qEEG enables us to understand the underpinnings in the brain itself of emotional and cognitive problems and guides us to additional treatment options previously not available.
qEEG fee: $2,000

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