We now offer Telemedicine Visits


Modern neuroscience has shown us that we have more personal control over our brain than we ever thought possible. We can change attitudes, beliefs, emotional states, and behavior; all by using the power of neuroplasticity. Our leading-edge remote neurofeedback brain training programs harness the brain’s capacity for change, training your mind so you can operate at your peak. The ability to strengthen your cognitive weaknesses, to re-route thought patterns and break emotional habits can be life changing. High performers achieve enhanced focus, mental resilience and decision ability. We aid cognitive and learning skills and provide symptom resolution for a variety of emotional and brain-based conditions.

Neurofeedback is used to many conditions such as: Anxiety, ADHD, ADD, stress disorders, panic attacks, depression, headaches, migraines, some forms of memory concerns, and sleep issues.

Aside from its use in medical settings, many professional athletes, Olympians, and even business professionals use neurofeedback to improve their performance through improved focus and stress management. Many individuals experience supplemental benefits to neurofeedback training, like improved sleep quality, less anxiety, greater ability to adapt and tackle daily challenges


We use Quantitative Electroencephalography for our initial assessment, to design your neurofeedback training program, and to track your progress over your sessions. It involves nothing more than wearing a sensor cap so we can listen to what your brain is doing. We are tracking your brainwaves.

Once we can see the reason for your struggles on a brain level, we can create a neurofeedback training program to help resolve it.

During your qEEG assessment, we gather and edit the data, process your maps and review it with you on the spot; no need to wait a week for an outside lab to process the data and make training recommendations.

After several sessions we gather a fresh qEEG allowing progress tracking and updates to your training as you progress. It’s how we make your sessions truly personalized and dynamic.