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Dr. Hedaya Gives Grand Rounds Audio at Cleveland Clinic

Recent literature proves that depression is a multifactorial syndrome, co-morbid with many chronic illnesses, by virtue of shared biological mechanisms. This knowledge offers advanced treatment approaches beyond those emanating from the current psycho-social and neurotransmitter models of depression.


Functional Psychiatry: Dr. Kara Fitzgerald Interviews Dr. Hedaya

Dr. Hedaya Speaks at Georgetown University Wellness Conference

Achieving Optimal Wellness Conference at Georgetown University Doro Bush Koch, Patricia Reilly Koch and colleagues of the BB&R: a Lifestyle and Wellness Advisory firm hosted the Achieving Optimal Health Conference 2011 at Georgetown University “to inspire, motivate, and educate our attendees to create a healthier and more balanced life.” The program included presentations by Dr. Robert Hedaya, Dr. Richard Carmona, former Surgeon General and the president of president of the Canyon Ranch Institute; Dr. Michael Roizen, Chief Wellness Officer at the Cleveland Clinic and coauthor…


DSM-V & Why Psychiatrists Need to Be Open to Other Fields

Talitha Stevenson’s Book Review in the Financial Times newspaper  (“Mind field”, Life & Arts, May 24) shed much need light on the release of the DSM V, and the ensuing national dialogue about psychiatry and its definitions of mental illness. As a Clinical Professor of Psychiatry, practitioner of Whole Psychiatry, and certified Psychopharmacologist, I propose a companion, if not an alternative to the DSM V. The authors of the DSM V have been searching for clear diagnostic labels to the point of absurdity. I suggest that we…


Shrink Rap Radio Interviews Dr. Hedaya about Nutrition & Mental Health

Dave Van Nuys, Ph.D, the podcast host of Shrink Rap Radio interviewed Dr. Hedaya about the effects of nutrition on mental health. You can hear this podcast, as well as many other fascinating interviews on ShrinkRapRadio.com


Whole Psychiatrists’ Stalk Physical Causes of Mental Problems

The year was 1983. “A woman came to me with a panic disorder,” recalls Robert J. Hedaya, MD, a clinical associate professor of psychiatry at Georgetown Medical School in Washington. “She was 55, had one child about to go off to college. Her situation seemed pretty straightforward — probably separation anxiety… Read More


Vogue: Bitter Pills

With an increasing number of Americans popping multiple meds to treat depression, Ginny Graves wonders: Could food be a natural alternative… Download the Article, featuring Dr. Hedaya »


Expanding Your Psychiatric Practice Through the Use of Functional Medicine Dr. Mark Hyman & Dr. Robert Hedaya

Interview with the Institute for Functional Medicine’s Dr. Hyman on Functional Medicine.


Dr. Hedaya quoted in a WebMD interview with Actress/Author Julianne Moore

“WebMD columnist Gina Shaw interviews Actress/Author Julianne Moore in “Save the Children: Julianne Moore on U.S. Poverty, Being 50, and Losing Her Mom” – available online and at newsstands. Save the Children: Julianne Moore on U.S. Poverty, Being 50, and Losing Her Mom Read the interview at WebMD, featuring Dr. Hedaya » Download the Article, featuring Dr. Hedaya »


Taking Your Patients from Better to Well with Whole Psychiatry

This 2-hour video is a recording of Dr. Hedaya’s presentation to the Washington Psychiatric Society in September 2010. Dr. Hedaya discusses the scientific basis of the Whole psychiatry method, as well as some potential interventions for patients. This is a 2-hour presentation and depending on your internet speed, it may take a few minutes before the video is ready to play.


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