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Is This Really Bipolar Disorder?

Is This Really Bipolar Disorder? 18-year-old female freshman in 2012 who presents with rapid cycling bipolar type 1, suicidal at times, insomnia, exhaustion, insomnia, memory issues, tremor, PMS. Atypical presentation: visual and auditory hallucinations/illusions, depersonalization, synthesia; responds well to benzos. Medication failure: Lithium, Lamictal, Seroquel, Xanax, BCP. Chronic sinusitis, ETOH seizures-TLE-like, cataplexy/REM Latency. Diet: High […]

Precision Medicine applied to Psychiatry

Samantha, a 14-year old girl, was brought to my office by her mother. When I first saw her, she was withdrawn, barely made eye contact, and had her headphones in even as she was answering my questions. She was depressed, had been diagnosed with ADD, and an anxiety disorder, but her mother did not want […]

Medication Burn Out Assumed – Brody

19 Year Old with Depression and Panic Attacks Brody had a recurrence of panic disorder after 20 symptom-free years. Brody was a funny really warm-hearted young man. When I first met him, 29 years ago, he was 19. He was sent to me after he had been hospitalized for depression and panic attacks. He was […]