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Get to the root causes of anxiety depression and other psychiatric disorders

Dr. Andrew Wong, MD, Co-founder of Capital Integrative Health Interviews Dr. Hedaya about his HYLANE Therapy.

“Today we are excited to offer you a conversation with Dr. Robert Hedaya, America’s leading Functional Medicine psychiatrist about how he approaches brain health and mental health in his clinic, to provide long-lasting change for his patients. This conversation discusses root causes of psychiatric disorders, how lifestyle and diet can affect mental health, and how Dr. Hedaya uses HYLANE therapy in his practice to treat psychiatric disorders. 

This podcast is dedicated to transforming the consciousness around what it means to be healthy and understanding the root causes of disease and wellness. Don’t miss this transformative conversation about the cutting-edge techniques that Dr. Hedaya uses to change the way we are approaching mental health.” – Dr. Andrew Wong

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