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New Lyme Disease Book for Kids & Adults

Lyme disease is reaching epidemic proportions. Lyme Disease is the great imitator of our day,
presenting symptomatically in many different ways.

This coming year is expected to see a very large rise in reported cases due to the growth in the white footed mouse population, one of the prime vectors for Lyme disease. Children, who play in grassy areas, in larger fields and who play on field teams such as soccer and lacrosse have a high exposure risk.

This book, written by a former patient of Dr. Hedaya, during her recovery from a nearly devastating case of Lyme, should be required reading for all young children. It should be in every pediatrician’s office, and in every school library. Karen Gloyer, the author, hopes this book will prevent others from suffering the debilitating affects of Lyme Disease she suffered.