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Traditional Medicine and You

Yet despite these limitations, if I break my arm, or have an acute illness, I want a really good traditional doc. They do a pretty good job with acute illness. And if I have a chronic illness, I want a really good integrative medicine person. My advice: On a day-to-day basis always be your own doctor-eat well, get enough sleep, exercise, meditate, have fun and build good relationships. When you need to see a health care practitioner you must work hard to be an active…


Medicine Is Trendy and Cyclical

The behavior patterns I have outlined above go far back in time. If you are interested, read “Mad in America”. This 400-year history of the psychiatric establishment demonstrates the financial engine, masked as science, which has driven most developments in the field. Roughly fifty year cycles of new paradigms recur: invention, profit, and disillusion regularly re-cur almost like clockwork.  I suspect we are now at the beginning of the next cycle in psychiatry with the loss of confidence in pharmaceuticals (‘a pill for every ill’)….


Evidence Based Medicine Sounds Good, Right?

So where is the problem? First of all chronic illnesses, which are the major focus of our health care system, usually do not occur in isolation. The woman who has heart disease generally has insulin resistance and osteoporosis too. Also, because of advances in the field of genetics, we now know that if you conduct a study on a disease—say heart attacks—and don’t control for the relevant individual genetic differences, then you have a mixed population in which the intervention could work for a subgroup…


A Modern Myth: Medicine as Science: Part II

I am waking to the fact that there is a long-term historical pattern of disinformation. Despite the periodic real advances in medicine over the centuries, facts demonstrate that the medical field dons the mask of science on a pretty regular basis. Here is a brief outline of some additional evidence: a) There are raging political-economic wars around Lyme disease, that have nothing to do with science. The Connecticut attorney General recently removed the mask of science from the IDSA (Infectious Disease Society of America), ordering…


A Modern Myth: Medicine as Science

On January 17th, 2008, the prestigious New England Journal of Medicine, published a landmark paper by Eric Turner and others: “Selective Publication of Antidepressant Trials and Its Influence on Apparent Efficacy”. This paper showed that among 74 FDA registered studies of antidepressants, 31% were not published. 37 studies showing positive results were published, while studies showing negative or questionable results were, with three exceptions, either not published (22 studies) or published in a way that (the authors conclude) erroneously conveyed a positive outcome.  This means…


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