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Suicide: Overlooked Causes You Should Know

I would like to talk with you about a current but very difficult topic…suicide. Statistics show a clear rise in suicide frequency with the highest risk being in white middle-aged males. In my nearly 40-year career, I have treated countless people who have felt suicidal to varying degrees. I have been able to prevent suicide in all cases, largely because I work hard to understand the nature of their depression and anxiety, I connect intensively to my patients, I remain in close contact, I have a very high sensitivity to suicide risk factors, and I use lithium and or hospitalization
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Dr. Hedaya looks familiar to many

If Dr. Hedaya looks familiar to you, it may be because you’ve seen his uncle, the actor, Dan Hedaya. Dan Hedaya is known for his prolific career in film and television as well as his artwork. Creativity runs in the family – Dr. Hedaya is gifted photographer and guitarist.  Part of a large Brooklyn family, both Hedaya men share a deep love of family, music, art and baseball.  Though they have left Brooklyn, they remain loyal Yankee fans.
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