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Office Visits

Our office is conveniently located in N. Bethesda, MD with ample on street and garage parking. We are near a Whole Foods market, several eateries, and hotels.

Dr. Hedaya’s consultation process is thorough-going and lengthy.  It is through this focused time-intensive process that Dr. Hedaya finds the answers to patients’ complex medical problems.  He wants to know you well — your medical history, your psychology and your dreams for your future.

Call Before the Initial Consultation
Before a consultation is scheduled, Dr. Hedaya will set up a time to speak with you by phone to review your situation and see if the The Center for Whole Psychiatry + Brain Recovery approach is a good fit. Patients who are committed to their treatment, able to be disciplined in carrying out the treatment recommendations, and who have a supportive other to assist in them in doing so see great results.

Call 240-242-4461 to set up a time to speak with Dr. Hedaya.

Initial Consultation
Initial visits usually are 3.5 to 4.5 hours in duration. You will be given detailed instructions about what to bring to your session as well as a host of forms to complete before coming in.

As a starting point, please collect all of your medical records-particularly lab data and brain scans (and for children growth charts)–going as far back as possible and put them in chronological order.

Dr. Hedaya will review your prior medical records, which often provide useful clues as to the nature and causes of your problem.

The evaluation will include a history, a partial physical a review of records and collateral interview with someone whom you trust, who has known you well. He or she can help expand on your medical history, and an extra ‘set of ears’ will be helpful to you.

During the initial consultation, you will given a follow-up appointment and recommendations to implement right away.

Congratulations. You’ve taken the first step on the road to good health.