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Institute for Functional Medicine

Being on the faculty of the Institute of Functional Medicine is a rewarding part of my professional life. On Sunday, I returned from an intense weeklong meeting with other members of the faculty and leadership of the Institute for Functional Medicine.  I’m excited to report that we brought the Functional Medicine Health Matrix (for diagnosis and treatment) protocol to a new level. One of the things that is so exciting about this is that this proceeds from the same structural premise found in the age-old Eastern approaches to health.  Thus, the Matrix is a marriage of the old and the new and has significant treatment implications. While the new Matrix will not be rolled out for a year to new practitioners, faculty physicians, such as myself, will be using the new Matrix immediately. We anticipate lowering health care costs and improving health outcomes to our patients using this new Matrix.

In addition to the faculty and leadership meeting, I attended a Functional Medicine Detoxification Education Module, which featured the latest data regarding chemical and environmental toxicity [we are all facing increased levels of toxicity], and various protocols to detoxify ourselves.