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POST-COVID-19 Syndrome

A recent Wall Street Journal article highlighted what some people (possibly more women than men) are experiencing after they recovered from the acute COVID-19 illness. The symptoms, which may be relapsing and remitting, are similar to dysautonomia, chronic fatigue syndrome–also called myologic encephalitis [ME], or chronic fatigue immune dysfunction [CFID]– (severe fatigue, brain fog, exercise intolerance, […]

Kabbalah and Corona Virus

Dear Patients, Colleagues, Friends,You have shared that the spiritual perspective on Covid has been most helpful to you. It is because of your feedback, I have invited a dear friend and outstanding Kabbalah teacher, Rabbi Avi Roitman, to give you a unique understanding of Kabbalah and Covid. How to… TAKE CONTROL OF YOUR THOUGHTS REACTIVATE […]