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Precision Medicine applied to Psychiatry

Samantha, a 14-year old girl, was brought to my office by her mother. When I first saw her, she was withdrawn, barely made eye contact, and had her headphones in even as she was answering my questions. She was depressed, had been diagnosed with ADD, and an anxiety disorder, but her mother did not want to put her on medication, so she sought my help. Importantly, Samantha was having episodes of crying, rage and extreme irritability seemingly randomly, and they could occur anywhere and anytime. Feeling terrible remorse, and extreme embarrassment, her self-esteem, and social life suffered greatly. A careful
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Toxic Dormitories & Mold

While a college education is a necessary educational step for most people, colleges and universities are under increasing scrutiny due to their high cost and poor performance on a variety of measures. One area not discussed, but of fundamental importance is the dormitory itself. As a psychiatrist and functional medicine physician, I have seen many college students who are underperforming academically, and depressed or anxious. The underlying causes range from social pressures and isolation to drug and alcohol use and poor food. One cause, which has not been discussed, is toxic mold in dormitories. Janet was a 19-year old athletic
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