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The Center for Whole Psychiatry + Brain Recovery recommends the following health products. For your convenience, we offer the outside services of Debbie Pyer who will order your supplements and organize them in the dose packs for you.

Company Products Ordering Instructions
Allergy Research Group ButyrEn (Calcium Butyrate) Pureformulas.com
BioPure Chlorella Pyrenoidosa Tablets BioPureUS.com
Biotivia Transmax Resveratrol https://www.biotivia.com/product/transmax/
Cognitive Nutrition L-Huperzine A CognitiveNutrition.com
Country Life Country Life Candida Clear Amazon.com
Culturelle Culturelle Culturelle
Enyzmatic Therapy Osteoprime Osteoprime
Feosol Feosol Iron Supplement Therapy, Carbonyl Iron, 45 mg caplets http://feosol.com/
Florastor Florastor https://florastor.com/products/
Folirinse Folirinse BioSafeDentistry.com
Jarrow SAM-e GNC
MegaFoods Vitamin E Whole-Food-Vitamins.net
Metabolic Maintenance Amino AcidsL-tryptophanPhenylalanine MetabolicMaintenance.com
Metagenics CorticoB5/B6Fibroplex PLUSFolaproImmunCoreInsinaseMagnesium GlycinateUltraClear PlusUltraClear SustainUltraGlycemX 360UltraMeal 800-692-9400
Natrol Ginkgo Biloba https://www.natrol.com/
Nordic Naturals DHAEPAPro-DHAPro-EPAUltimate Omega NordicNaturals.com
Mention Dr. Hedaya and receive a discount.
9 – 6 PM Pacific Time
800-662-2544 ext. 1
NOW Candida Clear https://www.nowfoods.com/supplements
NOW Inulin https://www.nowfoods.com/supplements
Perque B-12 guard (hydroxycobalamin) Call-in orders only.
Give them Dr. Hedaya’s PIN No.: SR00121
Physiologics Betaine HCL TotalDiscountVitamins.com
or Amazon
Prince of Peace Red Panax Ginseng Extractum-non-alcoholic 2000mg UltraStrength iHerb.com
Pro Thera Pro Thera ProTheraInc.com
OR call in order: 888-488-2488
Use Authorization Code: F17
Puritans Pride B6B-12 sublingualB-50 complexBetaine HCLBiotinChromiumCopperCoQ10DHEAGlycine PillsMagnesiumMalateMilkThistleNiacin (B3) 250mg TRRiboflavinSeleniumVanadyl SulfateVitamin C with bioflavinoidsVitamin KZinc PuritansPride.com
Village Green Compounding Pharmacy L-tryptophanPhenylalanine We will order and they will ship to you after you supply them with your credit card information.
Vital Nutrients ChromiumCod Liver OilDHEAInositol powderLiver support I and IIN-acetylcysteinePregnenoloneR-form lipoic acidSeleniumTriple MagnesiumTyrosineVitamin CVitamin D VitalNutrients.net
Register as a patient. At the end of the registration fill in:
Practitioner Code: 16294
Or order by phone and mention Dr. Robert Hedaya
Vitamin Shoppe Acetyl L CarnitineAllergy Research ButyrenCardiovascular Research Magnesium TaurateCarlson’s Cod Liver OilCoromegaCountry Life Phosphatidyl Choline Complex 1200 mgCulturelleEnzymatic Therapies OsteoprimeJarrow SAMeNature’s Way Ginkgo BilobaNature’s Way Sambucal SyrupNordic Naturals DHANordic Naturals EPAPeak Immune 4Sambucal SyrupSolary CordycepsSource Naturals DibencozideSource Naturals Policosinol Cholesterol complexVS brand Phosphatidyl serine complex VitaminShoppe.com
Your Pharmacy Prescriptions We will send your prescriptions to the pharmacy of your choosing.
Xymogen Professional Formulas Xymogen IgG Xymogen.com

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