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Instructions: Listed below are items concerning behaviors or problems sometimes experienced by adults. Read each item carefully and decide how much or how frequently each item describes your recently. Indicate your response for each item by circling the number that corresponds to your choices.
Use the following scale: 0 = Not at all, never; 1 = Just a little, once in a while; 2 = Pretty much, often; and 3 = Very much, very frequently.
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Not at all, neverJust a little, once in a whilePretty much, oftenVery much, very frequently
1. I lose things necessary for tasks or activities (e.g., to-do lists, pencils, books, or tools).0123
2. I talk too much0123
3. I am always on the go as if driven by a motor.0123
4. I have trouble doing leisure activities quietly.0123
5. I have a short fuse/hot temper.0123
6. I leave my seat when I am not supposed to.0123
7. I still throw tantrums.0123
8. I have trouble waiting in line or taking turns with others.0123
9. I have trouble keeping my attention focused when working.0123
10. I avoid new challenges because I lack faith in my abilities.0123
11. I feel restless inside even if I am sitting still.0123
12. Things I hear or see distract me from what I’m doing.0123
13.  I am forgetful in my daily activities.0123
14. I have trouble listening to what other people are saying.0123
15. I am an underachiever.0123
16. I am always on the go.0123
17. I can’t get things done unless there’s an absolute deadline.0123
18. I fidget (with my hands or feet) or squirm in my seat.0123
19. I make careless mistakes or have trouble paying close attention to detail.0123
20. I intrude on others’ activities.0123
21. I don’t like homework or job activities where I have to think a lot.0123
22. I am restless or overactive.0123
23. Sometimes my attention narrows so much that I’m oblivious to everything else; other times it’s so broad that everything distracts me.0123
24. I can’t keep my mind on something unless it’s really interesting.0123
25. I give answers to questions before the questions have been completed.0123
26. I have trouble finishing job tasks or schoolwork.0123
27. I interrupt others when they are working or playing.0123
28. My past failures make it hard for me to believe in myself.0123
29. I am distracted when things are going on around me.0123
30. I have problems organizing my tasks and activities.0123