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Alzheimer’s disease is a disease that is almost fully preventable. At least ten studies have shown that people who take high doses of anti-inflammatory drugs (such as Advil—which have their own side effects) for arthritis over a period of years have a very low incidence of Alzheimer’s. This means, that whatever the causes of Alzheimer’s, inhibiting inflammation is one strategy that works if sustained over time. I myself have seen two cases with clear genetic vulnerability in which strong genetic loading genes did NOT determine the outcome.

While there are no formal studies using the The Center for Whole Psychiatry + Brain Recovery approach, logic dictates that if one works on the antecedents of dementia (see above), actively reducing inflammation (through diet, supplements, treatment of chronic infection, correction of respiratory allergies and biotoxin exposures, correction of gastrointestinal dysbiosis), treating and preventing nutritional and hormonal deficiencies, supporting detoxification, reduction of stress (via techniques such as meditation), reducing oxidative stress, improving lifestyle (exercise, developing an enriched environment), many cases of dementia must be delayed if not eliminated. Epidemiology clearly shows that progressive dementias are diseases of Western civilization, and all that entails.

If you have a high risk of dementia (see the list of antecedents above), take an active approach. You can prevent the disease.