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Is This Really Bipolar Disorder?

Is This Really Bipolar Disorder? 18-year-old female freshman in 2012 who presents with rapid cycling bipolar type 1, suicidal at times, insomnia, exhaustion, insomnia, memory issues, tremor, PMS. Atypical presentation: visual and auditory hallucinations/illusions, depersonalization, synthesia; responds well to benzos. Medication failure: Lithium, Lamictal, Seroquel, Xanax, BCP. Chronic sinusitis, ETOH seizures-TLE-like, cataplexy/REM Latency. Diet: High glycemic index. After treatment: 13 months free of any symptoms of bipolar disorder Graduates college without incident. Bipolar disorder triggered by immune dysregulation compromised by hormonal and nutritional factors. 2016 Mold in dorm and Lyme disease = her genetics indicate any immune system insult ➡️C1q
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