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Control, Helplessness, Spirituality

I want to briefly address control, helplessness and spirituality. Depression is thought of as a state of ‘Learned Helplessness’ (Martin Seligman).  Generally speaking, we strive to have control over the things that we deem are essential to our self-esteem: power, achievement, money etc. When we perceive that we have lost hope of controlling these things—i.e., we are helpless in controlling them, most of us slide towards depression. The issue, which is not often addressed by professionals, is the fact that there is an embedded assumption here.  It is an assumption fostered by our culture and the psychological field.  The hidden
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Hope & Healing

Dr. Hedaya was recently interviewed by the Integrative Medicine Clinician’s Journal. He was asked about the role of hope in the healing process.  This is his response: “Hope is critical in all healing. A book written by Jerome Frank Persuasion and Healing, deals with this topic very effectively. Hopelessness is one of the cardinal features of depression (as is helplessness). Hope and depression are inversely correlated. Hope assists healing and can in and of itself cause healing, but there are many situations (e.g., pernicious anemia leading to panic and depression) which cannot be treated with hope. They require some detective
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