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The Dissolution of Gender

It is nothing short of astounding that after millions of years of human history, the fundamental facts of human gender are becoming blurry. There are many reasons for this, but one, which I have not seen discussed, as likely a cause, is the influence of endocrine disrupting chemicals (EDC’s). EDC’s are new-to-nature substances (chemicals) which are used in medicines, as pesticides, herbicides, plastics, and various industries. Rachel Carson, in her seminal book, “Silent Spring”, was the first scientist (others are Theo Colborn and David Skelly) to warn that chemicals (from estrogens in our water supply and other new-to-nature molecules) have
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Whole Psychiatry: Healthy Mind, Healthy Body

Dr. Robert Hedaya’s concept of Whole Psychiatry looks at both traditional psychiatry and functional medicine to get a complete view of a patient’s psychological and physical health. This armchair discussion with Dr. Hedaya and Rabbi Shais Taub, a leading authority on Jewish mysticism, will compare and contrast the medical and mystical viewpoints. These vital insights will shed light on the relationship between the body and mind and how to bring healing to both.
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