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Personality DisordersTemperamentCharacter
(Listed In Clusters)Novelty SeekingHarm AvoidanceReward DependenceSelf DirectednessCooperativeness
Schizoidn/sn/sVery LowLowLow
ParanoidLown/sLowVery LowVery Low
AntisocialVery Highn/sVery LowLowVery Low
HistrionicVery Highn/sn/sLowLow
BorderlineHighHighn/sVery LowLow
Passive AggressiveHighn/sn/sLowLow
AvoidantLowVery Highn/sVery Lown/s
Obsessive Compulsiven/sHighn/sLowLow
Dependentn/sVery HighHighVery Lown/s


n/sno significant correlation found.
Very Highpositive correlation, significant at the p=<.0001 confidence level.
Highpositive correlation, significant at the p=<.05 to .001 confidence levels.
Lownegative correlation, significant at the p=.05 to .001 confidence levels.
Very Lowsignificant negative correlation at p=.0001 confidence level.
From Cloninger, Svrakic, & Rzybek (1993). Copyright 1993, Americam Medical association. Adapted with permission.