Dr. Robert Hedaya is the founder of The Center for Whole Psychiatry & Brain Recovery.  His mission is to restore you to maximal health by identifying the root causes of your illness through compassionate, comprehensive treatment.

The Center for Whole Psychiatry & Brain Recovery provides state-of-the-art medical services in a personal and positive environment. Each patient receives an individually customized care plan based on a thorough whole person assessment of their health.

Functional Medicine

Functional medicine rests on the assumption that all systems of the body are interrelated. Problems in one area may be caused by an unrelated system. Understanding the relationships of each system to the other enables Dr. Hedaya to solve medical mysteries that have puzzled others. All systems are assessed based on their role and function, including one’s gastrointestinal function, immune function (including infection and inflammation), detoxification and bio-toxin burden, oxidative stress and mitochondrial function, nutritional status and special nutritional needs, hormonal function, genetic and epigenetic function. This assessment is based on a very careful history, questionnaires, physical exam, and targeted laboratory testing.

Who does well with the Functional Medicine approach?

The Functional Medicine approach is ideal for the person who wants to know the cause of their problem and seeks a long-term solution, not temporary symptom relief. They don’t want guesswork, unnecessary medication, or drug-related side effects. They want a doctor who thinks, who listens, who cares, and is very available to them. They understand that getting well is a team effort so they commit to follow the treatment protocols, keep their appointments, and give accurate reports on their progress and challenges. Such a person can expect to get well and enjoy a satisfying life that may have seemed out of reach before treatment.