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About Us
About Us

The Whole Psychiatry & Brain Recovery Center

We understand that the elements of becoming well, such as getting testing done, ordering supplements, and following a new diet or lifestyle can be challenging. With the right support, it is all doable.

Each member of our team has personal and professional experience with all of each these elements, so she knows how to make getting them done easier for you. Our team excels at creating customized diet plans, helping you obtain the supplements you need, and keeping you on track with your treatment program.

Dr. Hedaya may recommend a specific team member or members based upon your needs. Team members will bill you directly as they have no financial relationship to The Whole Psychiatry + Brain Recovery Center.

Dr. Robert Hedaya


A comprehensive “Whole Psychiatry” approach can scientifically

  • Improve rates of full remission
  • Reduce or eliminate medication
  • Reduce side effects of medications
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Our Team

katherine morris

Katherine Morris, M.A., Ph.D.

Depth Psychologist
Rebecca Snow

Rebecca Snow, MS, CNS, LN, (RH) AHG

Herbalist and Nutritionist
Stephanie Feldman

Stephanie Feldman

Functional Medicine Wellness Coach

Jill LaCross

Practice Manager
Kate Aschcraft

Kate Ashcraft

Patient Coordinator
Uri Schwartz

Uri Schwartz

Lab Director

Pauline Ngugi

IT Manager

Experience the successful outcomes others have enjoyed:

"I am grateful to all of you at The Center for Whole Psychiatry + Brain Recovery. You reach and help more people than you can ever imagine. Your website changed my life."

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Home Patient Patient

"It is the end of the year and we were remembering all the ways in which you have helped put me on the road to wellness. I continue to follow your supplement regimen. I also practice the Kabat-Zinn tapes every day and they’re helping me move away from stress and tension in my response to life."

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Patient 2
Home Patient Patient

"Thanks for 19 years of helping to keep me grounded."

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Patient 5

"Again, your attention to her needs is greatly appreciated. We were lucky to find you. It is astonishing that she saw so many providers, and not a single person was able to pull everything together the way you have. She has been told so many times that there is nothing wrong (labs are normal, you should have no trouble running now, it’s characterological, etc.), so even if you had not devised a treatment plan, just having validation of her pain and difficulty has been therapeutic. You really are a medical detective!"

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