How to Enhance Your Brain Power

Workshop Date:

June 26, 2013 at 12:00

Workshop Type:

Workshops by Phone

General Topics:

Alzheimer's disease, Brain Health, Diet & Nutrition, Memory, Mental Health, Toxins

Dr. Hedaya will speak with clinical researcher Neal Barnard, M.D.  Dr. Barnard is the president of the nonprofit Physician’s Committee for Responsible Medicine, on the faculty of George Washington University School of Medicine, and author of dozens of books, including the New York Times bestseller “Power Foods for the Brain”. He is a regular on the Dr. Oz Show and has appeared on Today, GMA, CBS This Morning, and the Ellen DeGeneres Show.

  1. What is the ideal prescription for optimum brain health?
  2. Memory loss: When is it a problem?
  3. What kind of foods boost cognitive function? Are organic foods more likely to give better nutrient value?
  4. Are there any medications or conditions that make it harder to get nutrients from food?
  5. Are there any foods or supplements we should stay away from?
  6. Do you advise taking a daily multivitamin or any supplements?
  7. What about hidden sources of metals in our homes? How can we safeguard our home from copper pipes and cookware?
  8. What causes Alzheimer’s disease and why is so prevalent?
  9. Is there evidence that we can prevent Alzheimer’s?
  10. Are you at greater risk for cognitive decline if you have a genetic predisposition to Alzheimer’s?
  11. Are there any geographic areas we should model? What cities or countries exhibit a brain-healthful lifestyle?

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