Hormones and Menopause, Naturally

Workshop Date:

November 6, 2013 at 12:00

Workshop Type:

Workshops by Phone

General Topics:

Diet & Nutrition, Estrogen, Hormones, Mental Health, Thyroid, Weight Loss or Gain, Women's Health

Dr. Robert Hedaya speaks with Naturopathic Physician Joe Pizzorno Jr., ND, a leading authority on science-based natural/integrative medicine. He is the founding president of Bastyr University, the first fully accredited, multidisciplinary university of natural medicine and the first NIH-funded center for alternative medicine research. One of the pioneers of holistic medicine, Dr. Pizzorno was appointed by President Clinton in 2000 to the Commission on Complementary and Alternative Medicine Policy, has co-authored Encyclopedia of Natural Medicine,  Natural Medicine for the Prevention and Treatment of Cancer, the Encyclopedia of Healing Foods, and The Clinician’s Handbook of Natural Medicine.

  1. What are non-hormonal ways to promote bone growth in post menopausal women?
  2. How common is thyroid dysfunction in women?
  3. What are the primary reasons for low thyroid in woman and how can they be reversed?
  4. If a woman is taking bio-identical hormones, what tests should be run to determine their safety?
  5. If a woman is detoxifying estrogens through the wrong pathways how can this be changed?
  6. What is the story with soy?
  7. What ways have you found most effective in helping women loss weight and keep it off?
  8. How can women prevent developing diabetes later in life?

Please note that the audio on this workshop is a little rough on spots. We apologize for the inconvenience.

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