8 Ways to Effectively Change Your Habits

Workshop Date:

September 11, 2013 at 12:00

Workshop Type:

Workshops by Phone

General Topics:

Diet & Nutrition, Exercise, Habit Change, Psychology, Weight Loss or Gain

Steve Levinson, Ph.D. is a clinical psychologist, author and inventor who draws on forty years of experience as a clinician and innovator to help people make desired changes in their own behavior. He invented an ingeniously simple electronic device to facilitate behavior change, that is used at the Mayo Clinic and by tens of thousands of people in 49 countries. He is also the co-author of  Following Through: A Revolutionary New Model For Finishing Whatever You Start.

  1. Are all habits the same?
  2. What makes habits so hard to change?
  3. What role does attention play in changing habits?
  4. How does a habit changing strategy that you call “Spotlighting” work?
  5. How does the simple device you invented facilitate habit change?
  6. Can you give examples of how people have changed their habits using your approach?
  7. What about changing habits when more attention isn’t enough, that is, when someone just feels too much resistance to doing the right thing or just feels too attracted to doing the wrong thing?
  8. How would you help someone develop a desired habit or routine, like exercising regularly, that requires them to go against the grain and do something they’d rather not do?
  9. How would help someone get rid of a bad habit, like overeating, that requires them to refrain from doing something they naturally want to do?

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