Why Whole Psych?

Who does well with the Functional Medicine approach?

Anyone who wants to know what’s causing their problems and wants a long-term sustainable solution to them, not a temporary symptom cure. They are educated and want to learn. They don’t want guesswork or unnecessary medication or side effects. They want a doctor who thinks, who listens, who cares.  And, they do what it takes to bring their vision of good health into being. They follow the treatment protocols, keep their appointments, and give accurate reports on their progress and challenges. They get well and have lives some thought were out of reach.

As a patient you can expect…

  • A robust medical work up based on the latest scientific research/practices
  • A renowned psychiatrist with the caring comprehensiveness of a family doctor
  • A highly trained and experienced adult nurse practitioner
  • Ongoing complimentary educational resources – newsletter and workshops by phone
  • The latest in medical advances
  • The convenience of an in-office phlebotomist and lab
  • On-time appointments
  • Ease of access to the office via mass transit or car


“Our son’s condition was very complex and hard to pin down. We’re so grateful to Dr. Hedaya for taking the time and thought to diagnose him accurately. He’s finally on the road to recovery, and we especially appreciate his kindness and rapport with our teen. Traveling from California is not easy but Dr. Hedaya is worth the trip. He is the most comprehensive and caring physician we’ve every worked with.”   – Patti
“You’re a wonderful doctor who obviously works from a compassionate heart. May you find all the care, warmth, and thoughtfulness reflected back to you, that you give your patients all year. Thank you for being the light at the end of the tunnel.”   – M.
“Thank you so much for your unwavering support, your continual search for answers, compassion and listening. I’m developing hope along with my faith.”  – K.                                       
“I don’t know how I can begin to thank you enough for all you did to get my daughter back on here feet and give her her life back. When she came home she was in desperate straits. Things remained dire until she began seeing you. She now has a job she loves, a home on her own and she feels more stable than she has in years. I credit you with making this possible.”  – F.F.

“I wanted you to know about this graduation. Since your letter was instrumental in getting our son into the University of Maryland after his initial rejection. With your guidance toward stability and our son’s hard work, he was able to complete his degree being on the Dean’s list senior year.”  – C. Z.
“Dr. Hedaya, thank you for bringing light into some very dark corners.”  – D. C.
“I wanted to take a moment to thank you and your staff for all that you have done for me over the past several months. I will be eternally grateful for your medical expertise which you have applied to my care. Thank you for continuously searching for answers, assuring me it is going to get better and most importantly, thank you for me realize that I am not crazy! Also, thank you for giving me hope for a future in which I will feel much better.”  – S. G.
“Thank you for your medical care and concern all through the year. I count your professionalism a true blessing.”  – J.
“Dr. Hedaya, I just wanted to let you know how much better I felt after talking to you today. It’s very reassuring to know I’ll have your help in working these things through.”  – C.
“Thank you for calling to check up on me at my current situation. It means so much to have such a caring psychiatrist who truly cares about the well being of his patients. You are very valuable in my medical treatment and special to me. Thank you.”  – Jan