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Based upon our 31 years of medical and psychiatric experience, and knowledge of the literature, we have created a series of resources to help you in your journey toward wellness. These brief reviews contain a summary of the best of both the traditional psychiatric approach and the Whole Psychiatry approach to mental and physical health (which of course, are tied together). We hope you find this information useful.

Current Treatment Options for Psychiatric Disorders

What are the treatment options for psychiatric disorders today? What tools are in a physician’s medical “tool box” today?

Medication and Psychotherapy

The primary way of helping people today is through the use of medication and psychotherapy. Medications can be augmented by adding other medications or thyroid hormone which results in a different mechanism of action together. Sometimes this works miraculously, but too often this approach leaves much to be desired.

Medication Problems & Limits

Many times the side effect burden is more than patients can handle and compliance becomes a major issue. Then there is the unpleasant fact that most of our medications increase the risk of metabolic syndrome, and push people along the path toward weight gain, diabetes, and osteoporosis over time. Diabetes increases inflammation in the body, and inflammation is a major contributor to nearly every chronic health problem in Western Society.

Functional Medicine Solutions

Functional medicine rests on the assumption that all systems of the body are interrelated. Problems in one area may be caused by an unrelated system. Understanding the relationships of each system to the other enables me to solve medical mysteries that have puzzled others.

All systems are assessed based on their role and function, including one’s gastrointestinal function, immune function (including infection and inflammation), detoxification and bio-toxin burden, oxidative stress and mitochondrial function, nutritional status and special nutritional needs, hormonal function, genetic and epigenetic function. This assessment is based on a very careful history, questionnaires, physical exam, and targeted laboratory testing.

This is the future of Precision and Personalized medicine. This is what every patient I have worked with has been looking for, often for a long time.  I am so grateful for the advances in medicine that I teach other physicians this approach so that more people can receive such high level care.

Yours in Health,
Robert J. Hedaya, MD, DLFAPA

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