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Vitamins and Supplements Whole Psychiatry and Brain Recovery Center recommends the following health products. For your convenience, we offer the outside services of Debbie Pyer who will order your supplements and organize them in the dose packs for you. Company Products Ordering Instructions Allergy Research Group ButyrEn (Calcium Butyrate) BioPure Chlorella Pyrenoidosa Tablets 800-801-6187 Biotivia Transmax Resveratrol Cognitive Nutrition L-Huperzine A Country Life Country Life Candida Clear Culturelle Culturelle Culturelle Enyzmatic Therapy Osteoprime Osteoprime Feosol Feosol Iron Supplement Therapy, Carbonyl Iron, 45 mg caplets Florastor Florastor Folirinse Folirinse 888-363-8188 Jarrow SAM-e GNC MegaFoods
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