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Should ‘Mother’s Day’ Be Replaced by ‘Women’s Day’?

Today women have more opportunities than at any prior time but still are expected to fill an almost comically large number of roles”, writes psychiatrist Anna Fels, author of the book “Necessary Dreams: ambition in women’s changing lives”. Fels notes that: Women view ambition as selfishness, self-aggrandizement, egotism, or manipulation of others for one’s own ends Women who deplored ambition in reference to their own lives freely admitted to admiring it in men Today’s women of accomplishment in the public eye often repeat the same self-abnegating stance of women of earlier times • Women’s source of identity and affirmation is
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Whole Psychiatrists’ Stalk Physical Causes of Mental Problems

The year was 1983. “A woman came to me with a panic disorder,” recalls Robert J. Hedaya, MD, a clinical associate professor of psychiatry at Georgetown Medical School in Washington. “She was 55, had one child about to go off to college. Her situation seemed pretty straightforward — probably separation anxiety… Read More
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