Nutritionist, Herbalist, Health Coach

We want our patients to succeed so we offer services to support them in their health quest. The services include:

  • An herbalist and nutritionist
  • A health coach

These services are provided by professionals we have vetted and worked with. They bill clients directly and have no financial relationship to Whole Psychiatry.

Herbalist and Nutritionist

Rebecca Snow

Rebecca Snow, MS, CNS, LN, (RH) AHG is a registered herbalist with the American Herbalist Guild, a Certified Nutritional Specialist through the American College of Nutrition, and a licensed nutritionist in the State of Maryland. She consults individuals about nutrition, health and dietary and herbal supplements at her office in Catonsville, MD and through Skype and phone appointments. Reach her at  or 443.315.5221 or

Rebecca was the Founding Director of the MS in Nutrition and Integrative Health Program at the Maryland University of Integrative Health (MUIH), where she worked for 10 years in a variety of roles as faculty, clinic supervisor and administrator.

“My passion is empowering people to care for themselves and make positive changes in their life with herbs and foods. I believe that nutrition is essential to life. I also believe that herbal medicine is a wonderful tool to support the body’s health and vitality in a gentle and safe way. Consulting with me, you will get recommendations that are personalized to your unique needs and health goals, and you will be assured that the supplements you are taking are safe and effective to achieve those goals.”

Health Coach

Stephanie Feldman

Stephanie Feldman | Functional Medicine Wellness Coach

Stephanie Feldman is a master nutrition therapist, certified gluten practitioner, functional medicine certified health coach, and a national board certified health and wellness coach.  Stephanie is a former director of operations at Functional Medicine Coaching Academy (FMCA), where she oversaw firm operations and curriculum development. Prior to FMCA, she was a market research analyst for New Hope Natural Media, a leading information provider for the natural, organic and healthy-lifestyle products industry.

Reach her at:  612-963-5823

Schedule an appointment:

My interest in nutrition and wellness stems from a desire, curiosity and passion to be healthy. Shortly after college and well into my first job, I became painfully aware that my hectic lifestyle and what I put into my body truly mattered. I was working long hours in a stressful job, eating on the run, traveling across the country, had a sporadic sleep schedule, and despite being very active through college, was barely exercising. I gained weight and was always fatigued. I began to casually read books about nutrition and tried different methods of eating but was often confused at the tremendous amount of conflicting information and studies that proved and disproved the same issue.

Eventually, my curiosity got the best of me. I embarked on formalized education programs through the Nutrition Therapy Institute and the Functional Medicine Coaching Academy to understand the science of how food and lifestyle affects our bodies, and how to coach people along their journey to wellness.

Today, I am passionate about joining you along your journey, and working together to create a path to wellness so you can become the best version of you. Each day you have a choice in moving yourself towards health…let’s work together to help you make the best choices!

In her spare time, she can be found hiking in the foothills of Evergreen, CO with her chocolate lab, Suki.

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