A Personal Note from Dr. Hedaya

What Started Me on the Path to The Center for Whole Psychiatry + Brain Recovery?

You May Wonder Who Uses Me as a Doctor? People come to us from around the country. Why do people come to me? They come because they are…

  • Committed to learning how to improve their health
  • Ready and willing to make the changes needed to regain their vitality and improve their life-span
  • Prepared to enjoy life as they feel better and better
  • Interested in a personalized health care plan-geared as closely as possible to their individually unique challenges and genetics

How we work together….

The relationship with my patients is an essential cornerstone of the healing partnership. You are in control of what you do and how you implement your customized treatment plan. We are here to support you through that process. If you have questions, ask me, or my staff. There are no bad or stupid questions. Your wellness results from you and I working together as partners in your healing.

Do I listen?

I strive to listen and to get your story, your experience, your challenges. I spend 3 hours with you in the initial meeting, so I can hear your whole story. Your story, the timeline of events, and your health history enable me to see the big picture, and at the same time catch the subtle (often unnoticed) clues which help answer the essential question: Why is this happening and how can you get well? As a medical detective, I look for the root causes beyond the symptoms. I listen, empathize, analyze, think strategically, diagnose, and formulate a customized treatment plan for each person I work with. I seek to elicit solutions and strategies from you, whom I believe to be naturally creative and resourceful.

The joy of seeing patients get well…

My passion is helping people get their bodies and brains working properly so they have the energy and clarity to live the life they know they were meant to live. The greatest professional joy and privilege I can have is to help my patients regain a sense of vibrant wellness and hear them say, “I feel better than I have in years”. Feeling better physically and mentally improves all aspects of one’s life – both personally and professionally.
– Yours in Health, Dr. Robert Hedaya